Meet our brand ambassadors.
These guys & gals share a love of sandy beaches, warm weather, kicking it with friends & family, and spreading good vibes. 

Mike Reinhardt - Rockaway Beach, NY




Mike Reinhardt is the owner and co-founder of Locals Surf School in Rockaway Beach, NY. As a life-long Rockaway beach local, Mike has always been around the ocean and has dedicated his life to it. After learning to swim and surf at an early age, Mike always dreamed of using surfing as his vehicle to travel the world in search of amazing waves and developing a career based on his passion for the sport. He now spends the majority of his year sharing this passion with others by teaching them how to surf then chasing waves during the off-season. As such, Mike is very dedicated to his pursuits and to his hometown of Rockaway Beach. Wherever he might be in the world, one thing is for sure: he is most likely in the water. 


Follow Mike on Instagram: @ridewithreino
Follow Locals Surf School on Instagram: @localssurfschool

Jeremy Handysides - San Diego, CA


Photo by: Petter Berg


Jeremy Handysides is the owner of JH Surf based out of San Diego, CA. Having surfed for over 25 years as well as instructed and coached since 1993, Jeremy is no stranger to the ocean. Jeremy has competed and has been ranked a top surfer in his area since 2003 and shares a passion for coaching anyone who is interested in learning new surfing skills that will last a lifetime. Not only is Jeremy a fantastic coach to his students, he is also a loving husband, proud father of two young boys, and has spent the past 11 years working as a special education teacher. 


Follow Jeremy on Instagram: @jhsurfcoach

Jenna Kahn - Denver, Colorado


 Photo by: Dane Bourdo


Jenna thrives on creative expression, whether it's through fashion, writing, music or photography. She believes that the essential ingredient to success is passion, and has maintained a sense of purpose through this very ideal. Jenna currently pursues digital content creation through blogging, social media management, brand management and design. Since graduating from Michigan State University in 2016, she has traveled across the United States, sparking her love for travel and novel cultures. Although she has gravitated towards the west coast, she will always hold northern Michigan close to her heart.  


Follow Jenna on Instagram: @jenna_kahn

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