Fitz Henley

Fitz Henley is a travel correspondent with Fox 5 News in New York City and creator of the World Citizen travel series. For the last 10 years he has been a film maker, photographer, journalist, and on-camera personality. Fitz was featured in our Fall & Resort 19 lookbook.

Jeremy Handysides

Surf Coach & Instructor



Jeremy has surfed for over 25 years, and has been coaching & instructing surfers since 1996. He has competed and has been a top ranked surfer in the CSUS surf series since 2003, and was previously the head surf coach for the SFC surf team. Jeremy is our original brand ambassador, a family man, and a special education teacher.

Brent Bielmann

Professional Surf Photographer



Brent found his love for the ocean at a very young age and spent countless hours in the water as a child. Photography has given him the privilege to build relationships with people that are countries apart, experience cultures of all diversities, and travel to places he would have never imagined. Brent was featured in our Spring & Summer 20 lookbooks.

Keegan Bengelsdorf

Amateur Surfer


Keegan has always been drawn to the ocean and loves being a surfer. He enjoys finding new ways to improve himself everyday, whether it’s working on his mindset or trying new things. Surfing has taught Keegan many important things about life and he works hard to achieve the many goals he's set for himself.