Surfside Supply Co. is a brand for men & women who love the beach and who embrace that lifestyle. Our inspiration comes from lazy summer days lounging at the beach and breezy summer nights with close friends and family. Each piece we design is intended to evoke a sense of comfort and ease. Surfside is for those who have outgrown their favorites from the past and who seek out new must-have items that fit their current situation in life.

Started in 2012 by fashion veteran Chris Manley, Surfside Supply Co. was born out of a love for the beach and the memories that come along with spending time there with friends and family.

Chris, a New York native from the Bronx, has spent many of his childhood and adult summers frequenting the beaches located around New York City, as well as in neighboring states such as New Jersey in order to relax and escape the city heat. 

Growing up, Chris worked as a tailor in a family friends suit shop which spurred an interest in fashion. Graduating from FIT in the early 90s, Chris started his career in corporate fashion quickly climbing the ladder and later holding executive level titles at some of the biggest names in the industry.

After spending 20 years in the corporate world Chris knew in order to spend more time with his family he needed to find a way to combine his love of the beach with an industry he has been passionately working in the majority of his life.

Surfside Supply Co. is inspired by the East Coast, and the very same beaches Chris grew up visiting, and still visits today. He has proudly grown the company from a one man operation into a fully staffed small business that is helping keep the American dream alive.

We hope you enjoy the clothes as much as we do and we thank you for the continued support!  

 - Surfside Supply Co.